Company Policies

Terms & Conditions

We understand that sometimes we can run into situations out of our control. We’re here to help! We will be happy to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Our most important goal is to provide premium level of service to everyone. These policies are in place to offer a fair opportunity to us and all of our clients. The customer hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions upon sending us Booking Request, Approval of Invoices, making a Payment and/or making Deposit for Service to  Chavez Auto Detailing LLC.

Our company booking policy

All appointments over $200 will require a 20% deposit to book appointment. Chavez Auto Detailing LLC reserves the right to require a debit or credit card to book an appointment. Upon completion of any service, if vehicle is not pickup on designated time for pickup we charge $50 a day for storage fees.

Our Cancellation Policy

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC understands things can come up unexpectedly. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel or reschedule any appointment.   Chavez Auto Detailing LLC requests that all cancellations or requests to reschedule be made at least 48 hrs for our Detailing packages and 4 Days for our Ceramic Coating or PPF packages, prior to scheduled appointment time. We reserve the right to keep any deposit in the event of a cancellation where proper notice was not given.

A “No Call No Show” will result in loss of initial deposit. You may be responsible for full cost of the service.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC service providers are not obligated to endure physical or verbal abuse, or harassment, and reserve the right to immediately cancel the service in turn without the issuance of a refund.

We reserve the right to decline any job, for any reason. This includes vehicles that are excessively soiled, contain bodily fluid/biohazard cleanup and any other conditions that may present a danger to the detailer, others, the environment or our working area.

Customers are encouraged to examine their vehicle after the completion of the service.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC reserves the right to cancel or refuse service to anyone, with or without reason.

Damaged Property and Personal Belongings Policy

Customers are responsible for the removal of personal belongings from their vehicle. Chavez Auto Detailing LLC will attempt to return personal belongings to customers, but are not permitted to open personal envelopes, packages, belongings, etc. Items left in the interior of the vehicle may be assumed to be trash items and may be discarded.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC will not be held responsible for any lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged personal items left in the vehicle. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to remove these items prior to Drop Off. Additional charges may be added to the invoice of a minimum of $50, in the event personal belongings are not removed from the vehicle prior to service being conducted.

All vehicles are cleaned and serviced at the owners own risk and the vehicle must be able to withstand normal cleaning procedures. Proper care is taken with all vehicles; However, we cannot be responsible for damages that occur due to poorly maintained, neglected, or vehicles showing age. Chavez Auto Detailing LLC reserves the right to not perform paint correction on surfaces that are deemed non correctable or the clear coat is found to be out of range for safe paint correction to be performed.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC does not take or bear responsibility for damage that is not a direct result of an applied service.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC offers free damage correction to the customer if the damage can be corrected by our detailers, employees, or technicians. Instances of damage that are not directly caused by an applied service, occurred because of negligence by the customer, or existed before the auto detailing service occurred, are not the responsibility of Chavez Auto Detailing LLC.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC may attempt to contact the customer to formally acknowledge and discuss the appearance of obvious damage. We reserve the right to not apply our service where further damage will inevitably occur. The customer may request that a detailed be applied to an area of damage. In the event a customer requests a paid service to be applied to an area of damage, the detailer bears no financial or legal responsibility for damages if they agree to the suggestion or request. Requests to provide a service not included in the service that was ordered may be denied.

Upon the completion of a service the customer will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns with the detailer on site or in the shop. The detailer has no obligation to make any adjustments, modifications, or corrections after deliberating with the customer upon completion of a service.

While Chavez Auto Detailing LLC examines each vehicle before, during, and after service, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to inspect their own vehicle to prevent mishaps with their vehicle (battery depletion due to running lights, unlocked doors, running engine, etc.). We cannot know the mechanical or electrical tendencies of every vehicle we service. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their vehicle is maintained before and after the service has been completed. The customer is also responsible for ensuring that the area in which the detailed vehicle is parked at can withstand the normality’s associated with auto detailing such as water runoff. We are not responsible for stolen items, damaged or vandalized vehicles that are parked on our property.

If your vehicle is equipped with gloss/matte black wheels, Chavez Auto Detailing LLC will not be held responsible for any previous damage, wash lines, marring, swirl marks or any other type of marking found on the wheels. Gloss black wheels scratch very easily, and most are already scratched, swirled, or show fine wash lines prior to service. Black Matte wheels are prone to stain if solution used to clean them is too strong and not properly diluted. Dirt, grime and brake dust can keep these flaws hidden. You agree to not hold Chavez Auto Detailing LLC responsible for damages that have occurred previously.

If a dealership, mechanic or another detailer washes your coated vehicle, they are responsible for the damage to the coating should any occur. Chavez Auto Detailing LLC will not be held responsible or suffer any penalty for damage caused by a dealership, another detailer or car wash.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC only provides warranty to vehicles we have previously coated and are the sole maintainer of the continued exterior washes moving forward. If Chavez Auto Detailing becomes informed of inadequate washing process, i.e. using drive thru/touchless car washes and/or if client intended to wash themselves, it will void warranty with Chavez Auto Detailing LLC. We stand behind our coatings 100% and if clients choose to maintain themselves, we do our very best to provide them with the information needed for the aftercare of their coated vehicle.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Prices are subject to change at any time. Chavez Auto Detailing LLC reserves the right to restructure any price before or after the service has been completed. Additional costs may occur at the discretion of the detailer. Extra costs include costs for excessive pet hair, extra coats of wax/sealants/coating, excessively soiled vehicles, Bio-cleanup, removal of personal items etc.

All prices are considered quotes until the in person inspection is conducted. Payments should be made at pickup unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by all parties.

Chavez Auto Detailing LLC does not provide refunds if client is dissatisfied with the service conducted.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to inspect the vehicle upon completion. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner (or person picking up the vehicle) to raise any concerns in the event of a dissatisfied service and to discuss and address these concerns with the vehicle owner.

By making payment, the customer acknowledges that they have read the Company Policies, inspected the vehicle for flaws and damages and releases Chavez Auto Detailing LLC from any liability. It is up to the discretion of Chavez Auto Detailing LLC to address these concerns.