Successfully completing a comprehensive ceramic coating package on a 2023 Ford Mustang GT, we elevated this vehicle to new heights of protection and style. In addition to the ceramic coating, we also performed a paint chip repair treatment, further enhancing the vehicle's appearance.
The package consisted of our premium 5-year ceramic coating for the exterior, full interior ceramic coating, and wheels-off ceramic coating for the wheels, delivering a transformative experience. The paint chip repair treatment repaired any existing chips and cracks in the paint, providing a smooth, uniform surface for the ceramic coating to be applied.The application of the 5-year ceramic coating added an extra layer of protection to the Mustang's paint, providing a glossy and long-lasting shine. This coating also increased resistance against scratches, chips, and UV damage, ensuring the vehicle's appearance remains unmarred in any condition.
The full interior ceramic coating protected against spills, stains, and general wear and tear, providing a fresh and clean interior for extended periods. And the wheels-off ceramic coating prevented brake dust buildup, maintaining the wheels' appearance in any driving conditions.
This ceramic coating package and paint chip repair treatment deliver the protection and style that the 2023 Ford Mustang GT deserves. If you're interested in elevating your vehicle with our services, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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